About Us

We love simplicity

Aside from investing in private technology companies, RJ Industries also leverages its expertise and extensive networks to support entrepreneurs/founders by providing g

At RJ Industries we’ve made it our goal to build unique partnerships with clients, developed through successful business and investment. Our daily commitment to our client’s needs has helped us grow to become one of the most competitive investment management firms in the world, serving clients both institutional and individual. Through stronger relationships, we create long-term value for our investors.
Since our early days, we have served hundreds of clients, helping to manage their financial growth with diversified capital portfolios. From personal pension funds to charitable foundations, endowments, and social wealth funds, we have experience managing the vast array of our client’s capital needs to the highest performance level.

What We Stand For
We view our investments as investing in people. By focusing on the communities we have served with venture capital, we embrace the spirit of personal innovation and entrepreneurial hard work inherent in capital markets.
We live this truth every day through our company’s core values:
Tenacity – Outshining even the highest expectations through true grit and hard work
Integrity – Putting our money in ventures we deem honest and responsible
Bucking the norms – Giving chances and taking risks by constantly learning and bending against convention

Inclusion – Diversifying not only our investments but also our culture of acceptance for employees of all backgrounds and creeds.
By staying true to our values, we have continually grown over the past few years and taken our investors to new heights.

The best entrepreneurs possess an unstoppable drive to succeed.

They share a mindset and culture that requires no translation.It’s our privilege to work with them to achieve their ambitions.

In addition to years of both operational and investing experience, we have experience in engineering, business development, operations, sales and marketing, management consulting, strategic planning and banking. We possess an unrivaled experience base and know what it takes to make a business work.